About Renouvo & Sugarcane Straws

How Are Sugarcane Straws Made?

Sugarcane straws are made from the byproduct of sugar processing. Sugar cane processing involves crushing the plant to extract the juice to produce sugar. After the juice is extracted, the remaining plant fibers from the sugarcane, called bagasse, remain and need to be dealt with. The bagasse is really just a crushed sugarcane, 100% plant fibers. PlanTech’s technology takes the bagasse and turns it into a 100% plant-based, zero plastic cutlery.

For many years, sugar processors had to find ways to deal with the large amounts of bagasse coming out of its sugar plants as a byproduct. Being able to create 100% plant-based cutlery from bagasse was truly a win-win for both the environment and the people. 

Who is Renouvo?

Renouvo is made possible by a team of passionate individuals who wanted to reduce and reuse plant waste.

We focus on the R&D of natural waste plant-based materials to replace petrochemical plastics, and actively respond to SDGs13 “Climate Action” and SDGs12 “Responsible Production and Consumption” to create a carbon-reduction and sustainable life.

Our production facilities and plant fibers are in Taiwan. 

Why Taiwan?

Lots of Plant Based By-Products Available

Due to fertile soil and favourable growing conditions, Taiwan is a large agricultural producer, and exporter of food products. In particular, large amounts of sugar cane is grown and processed in Taiwan, mainly to produce cane sugar – the common type of white sugar we use everyday in our kitchens, cafes, and restaurants. Other plant-based waste products (such as coffee grounds and rice husk), also need to be disposed of or dealt with. With the abundance of sugarcane bagasse and other plant byproducts available locally, Taiwan naturally became the place to produce plant-based cutlery. 

Leader in Environmental Protection Spurs Innovation

Taiwan passed numerous environmental protection laws to discourage single use plastic, such as straws and utensils. Anti-plastic regulations rolled out for the general public in 2018 and by 2020 Taiwan has banned plastic straws in dining outlets completely. New regulations continue to come into effect on plastic bags, food containers, and utensils. By 2030, Taiwan will flat-out ban on single-use bags, utensils, straws, and containers.

The regulations spurred local innovation to find non-plastic alternatives early a decade ago. By 2018, PlanTech was successful in developing a process to manufacture highly durable cutlery from plant material.
Today, our technology is compatible with rice husks (non-edible byproduct from rice processing), coffee grounds, bamboo and other plant wastes. 

Core Values

Rethinking and redesigning products

Rethink & Design: We engage Life Cycle Thinking in designing products, they are made from recycled waste and will recover to natural resources again after disposal, creating an ever-lasting loop of renewable resources.

Sustainability & Society: We engage clean technology as a guideline in every step of our manufacturing operation,meaning that less pollution is made, less energy and resource is used and zero harmful chemicals are used. 

Countries around the world are committed to the transformation of green economy and ecology, and circular economy is aimed at the reduction and prohibition of plastic products.We make food containers from plant-based materials. After use, they can be decomposed and returned to nature through the biological recycling system.

Development History



Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) certified 


Social Entrepreneurship Award by Global Vision Magazine& Foundation 


Biodegradable Composition patented 

Taiwan Excellence Award 



Taipei Social Enterprise qualified


Sugarcane chair presented in Circular Economy Taiwan Expo


Din Certco Certified

Green Mark Taiwan certified


Concours Lepine International Paris, Gold medal


100% Zhi Trademark registered


Jornal of Polymer Research Award



Ju Tian Cleantech Co., Ltd founded.


Eco-straws patented


Environment-protection dining utensil structure patented


Green Mark Taiwan certifiedCommercial production in sugarcane straw


Concours Lepine Mediterraneen Montpellier, Gold medal & Special Award

So to sum up about us…

Founded in 


Team members 


Lab & International Sales Department:

Central Taiwan Innovation Campus, Nantou Domestic Sales Department:Taipei

What we do

  • We recycle plant-based wastes ( sugarcane fibers, coffee grounds, bamboo fibers, pomace) and transform them into biomaterials.
  • Our materials have high applicability, they are currently made into straws, cutlery, cup lids, furniture and sneakers!