Mission origin

Plastic pollution:

Plastics are byproducts of fossil fuels. From household and daily necessities, food containers to industrial supplies, they have made modern life much more convenient than before. However, they have also become a threat to us and the environment. Our mission is to let you know that plastic isn’t the only accessible medium to an easy and comfortable life, that is why we endeavor to develop materials and products based on plants. 

Linear economy:

A linear economy is a traditional pattern of production. Goods are sourced from limited raw materials and discarded after being used. This not only leads to resource scarcity but also excessive pollution load and much more. Therefore our business follows a circular economy model, in which products are made from renewable resources and can be rematerialized again after usage. 

Agricultural waste pollution:

Most of the agricultural wastes are problematic because they come in a huge volume. In Taiwan, the agricultural waste reaches 4.62 million tons yearly and they are most often incinerated, causing air pollution and respiratory illness. Our mission is to reduce these wastes by making them into eco products. 

UN SDGs ( Sustainable Development Goals ) are at core of our mission, we are currently working on

 3 “ Establish Good Health and Well-Being ”,

 8 “ Create Decent Work and Economic Growth ”,

 9 “ Increase Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure ”,

 11 “ Mobilize Sustainable Cities and Communities ”,

 12 “ Influence Responsible Consumption and Production ” ,

 13 “ Organize Climate Action”. 

Reducing microplastic contamination

We are dedicated in making natural, plant-based products that don’t contain harmful chemicals. Why? According to a study, average Americans consume from 74,000 up to 121,000 microplastic particles per year because of plastic contamination existed in the air, tap water, bottled water and food. By making natural, plastic-free products, we want to offer you a healthier environment and a choice of living. 

Circular Economy

We follow the business model of circular economy in hope to reduce the waste of resources and energy. In comparison to resource-consuming liner economy, circular economy engages concepts such as ‘zero waste’, ‘cradle to cradle’ and sustainability in the process of product design and development. The end products of local agricultural activities become our resources and inspirations, from which we develop innovative products and stimulates green economy.  

Pioneering & Discovering

What we are so enthusiastic about is to develop new biomass materials which can replace plastics. Biomass materials are not only biodegradable, but also compostable and leave low carbon footprint behind. Our technology is ahead of conventional plastic and PLA industry because we are determined to bring on the table a better solution to plastic pollution. Common plastics are PP, PE, PS, PVC and PET, they take centuries to degrade and only break down to particles, which means they will always exist as a contamination in our environment. Our products are compostable and break down to only H2O, CO2 and nutrient. A crucial part of our income revenue is reinvested to research and material development in hope to lead the way of this newly born industry 

Reuse, Rethink, Recycle & Caring for people

It took us a while to rethink how we can produce efficiently with minimum energy and resource required. We found the answer in agricultural waste such as sugarcane fibers and coffee grounds, these dregs later became our sustainable biomass materials and they are ethically sourced from local farmers, coffee business and processing plants. By doing so, we support local communities and minimize the environmental impact of our business through value creation.  

Our responsibility and yours

Clean technology and circular economy are two major principles we engage in our product development and production. We do so to ensure sustainable development in terms of environment, economy and society. Our effort in developing biomass materials is also an initiative to inspire and empower you to fight plastic pollution by making a small change in daily life. Ditch plastic, your choice matters.  

Eco-consciousness & Our mission

According to UN news, 2019 was the year with the highest greenhouse gases emissions and the second hottest year on record. Industrial activities and their mass production of greenhouse gases are a big contributor to recent climate change. To face this crisis, we had to brainstorm and be eco-conscious in every step of our business operation. 100% ZHI’s mission is to reach carbon neutrality through economic activities, so our production process is designed to progressively solve the dilemma between industrial activities and environmental protection. By recycling agricultural wastes destined to incineration, we reduce CO2 emissions, energy waste and promote new alternatives to petroleum plastic industry. We are nothing but our beliefs.  

Starting from the biological cycle, we rethink how to design products to live in harmony with nature. A good environment is all we need to build a better life and society. We have a big vision and there are plenty of good stuffs to wok on. Our team is very committed to CSR and making the world a better place for the generations to come. Your support matters to us, to our society, and to the world. 

Products made from our materials