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Plant Fiber Taster Spoon– Type E2

Plant Fiber x Dessert Moment x Elegant Design

Taster spoon is often in high demand of single usage, we encourage you to take a more eco-conscious approach in conducting food business and personal use.

All the excitement starts here !

Type E2 can be made from a variety of plant fibers.

Sugarcane Bagasse / Sugarcane Bagasse+white additive Coffee Grounds / Bamboo Fiber / Tea Residue / Rice Husk 

Minimum Order Quantity For Each Fiber

200,000 pcs

Dimension: 10*2.3 cm

Weight:approx. 2.0 g

Material:Plant fiber + PLA (compostable) 


We refuse to use harmful colorants and dyes, so our cutlery comes with natural and unique color of plant fibers. 

Storage Condition

There is no need for special storage. We suggest you to store our products in room temperature away from direct sunlight and humidity. 

Shelf Life

The shelf life of Type E2 is about 18 months. Natural degradation may happen after 18 months but we expect our products to still withstand normal usage. 

Heat Resistance

Type E2 is heat resistant up to 40°C/104 °F. It is suitable for cold foods and desserts, but don’t suggest to use for hot ones. 


After usage, please discard the cutlery set to trash. They can be either incinerated or buried. During the incineration, our bio-based products do not release any toxic chemicals. If buried in landfills, they simply degrade into H2O, CO2 and nutrients.